Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here I go

I can't believe that our now socialist country has come down to the President stepping in on issues as minor as local police enforcement. Last time I checked we still have an outrageous healthcare reform plan to fight about.

Situation: Harvard professor Gates arrives at his Cambridge home in an upscale neighborhood to find that he's locked out. Bangs door, struggles to get in. Neighbor calls police to report possible break in. Police arrives at home and asks for Gates' identification. Gates refuses and accuses officer of being a racist. Gates becomes irate and is arrested for disorderly conduct.

My conclusion: Arrest was unnecessary. But there's a bigger picture. Gates, an educated black man and professor of race relations, turned a non-issue into one of race by refusing to show his ID and made racial accusations when police officers were following standard protocol in response to a call. This behavior screams deep issues of entitlement and repression for Gates. Isn't that why affirmative action was born? Now bring in Mr. Obama's meddling because this has what to do with him???? Oh, I get it. Obama is a black man so he needs to stick up for his black people. Meanwhile, he's managed to discredit the entire Cambridge police department as well as law enforcement in the rest of our country. Why does a frustrated black man involved in a minor, albeit unnecessary, arrest become another excruciating evaluation of race in America, not to mention days of air time on CNN? Doesn't our President have bigger fish to fry right now? A recession to reverse? And doesn't his wife's new haircut deserve more mention?

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