Saturday, May 31, 2008

1st stop: Toledo

Five minutes before hitting the road, Jina and I haphazardly chose our first destination: Toledo, OH. Eh? Umm yea, we know. Not exactly the most breathtaking but it also wasn't the 12-hour drive to Chicago. So...according to wiki, Toledo rests on the west of Lake Erie and is dubbed "The Auto Parts Capital of the World." Since we can't get to Detroit, this is a darn close second...I guess?

Highlights of our day:

1) We spent 45 minutes stuffing (and restuffing) Jina's sedan with 2 large suitcases, 2 rollers, golf clubs, bags of clothes, 2 backpacks, 1 box, pillows, blankets, 1 printer, and miscellaneous utterly useless items.

2) We drove past Lake Erie and thought it was one of the Fingerlakes. Seriously.

3) I zoomed past a highway patroller going 90mph and didn't get pulled over.

4) Getting to the Hampton Inn. Free wireless Internet AND free breakfast.

Yes, we brought the tp just in case...
Some wine to celebrate the end of day one!

Up Next: The Windy City.