Thursday, January 20, 2011

Approaching 1

On our recent trip to Taiwan, I realized just how much she wanted to jump out of my arms to play with other kids. We attended a friend's wedding and I brought Violet with me to the dance floor. Since she doesn't walk yet, we grooved with her in my arms. But the moment a group of older kids came by, she almost successfully flew out of my arms towards them. She loved watching them and stuck both arms out in front of her and did her frog legs from sheer excitement.

Violet has also really taken the liberty to touch strangers who come within reaching distance of her. Usually it's servers at restaurants (she loves smiling and playing with females) but once she grabbed a dude's behind when he wasn't looking and he looked noticeably embarrassed. No one is safe when she's around!

Violet's latest way of showing EXTREME excitement is arms out, clenching her fists. It's so cute!

And here she is playing with the little boys next to our table.