Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shrimping in Taiwan

I went shrimping for the first time in Taipei - so fun! It's cruel and torture and all that bad stuff. For sure. But it made for a great time and an even greater midnight snack so I'll have to leave it at that!

Shrimping's like fishing but better because it's indoors and all the shrimps are contained in the little pool so our chances of actually catching one are much higher. Pretty neat, yeah?

Jon and I get such a kick from Mr. Brown Coffee in a can. So yummy.

We had to use itty bitty shrimps as bait. Crustacean cannibalism...

My first catch of the night! It was a giant one.

Shrimping is so chill and such a fun way to work for our food. Except when you don't catch any. Then it just sucks. But that wasn't us! =)

After cleaning them, rub the shrimps with salt and grill 'em.

With Jon's bro, Vic, and the buddies:

More of Thailand

Ahhhh, 8o-degree winter weather and my white, white legs. Awesome.

Thai aborigines family

The fresh watermelon shakes were so refreshing!

And, of course, a trip to Thailand wouldn't be complete without stocking up on TIGER BALM!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Spent a few days in sunny Chiang Mai with the fam. Very cool trip. The massages were so, SO cheap (120 baht an hour = less than $3.50) but the food was too, TOO spicy. We tried to order Thai iced tea at every meal but they looked puzzled by our request every single time. Maybe to the Thai it's simply called iced tea. And maybe pad Thai is just pad.

Lemongrass tea:

Pad Thai served as an omelette:

We could not get enough of this rice! After grilling, the rice cake has an extra crispy yet chewy texture that is to die for! And for someone who doesn't like rice, I give this a thumbs up.

Sweet coconut milk with chewy jelly and fruit:

University girls still have to wear uniforms...I doubt the boys are complaining.
Around the hotel...

Dinner and performances at night...

Not a drop of alcohol consumed!

Maesa elephant camp, the only camp in Thailand.

Elephant paintings sell for between $50 and $90 each. These animals make some serious dough.

Banana roti at the night bazaar:

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that the made-to-order waffles were phenomenal and so was the nutella/mashed bananas jam that went with them. Just sayin' the waffles deserved a shout-out. That's all.