Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GROWING belly and baby room

The dress is much cuter without the bulge.

I am struggling to get out of this glider!!! Jon should put down the camera and get me outta this thing.

Thanks to my dad for painting the room so Jon and I didn't have to!

I am very proud of this tree decal that Jon and I slaved to adhere to this wall so I am posting three pictures of it just to show it off. It is safe to say that this will probably be the last time we spend so much time prepping for a baby. All the excitement of this babe got us deliriously foolish. But just this once.

I bought this baby memory book on Etsy and love that it isn't too girly or pink. I am being ambitious by getting it in the first place because I don't like to journal and I am especially no good at completing any sort of creative project.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sharing is caring

I don't get paid for these product reviews but I should.

This is guilt-free peanut butter that tastes GOOD. It's lightly sweetened, which is unbelievably hard to find because most good-for-you PBs taste like mashed up peanuts and not like Jif or Skippy. There's no sugar added and agave nectar is used instead. No partially hydrogenated oils. AND it contains flaxseed. Found it on sale at Whole Foods so I had to snatch it up. And when something is on sale at WF, you have to buy it.

Say farewell to eating whole pomegranates and to the stained shirt. You can find these neat packages of pomegranate arils at Costco and life as you know it will improve instantaneously!

I tried this sauce tonight with chicken and tofu. It was so flavorful! It's a teriyaki sauce with ginger, pineapple, and sesame but without the hassle of mixing all those ingredients together yourself. I simmered the chicken in it but did a stir fry with the tofu. It was especially good with the tofu. Serious time saver and high five to TJ for another hit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

babymoon in Leavenworth

Jon and I wanted to take a short day trip to a quaint Bavarian town a little over 2 hours away. Our last-minute trip almost didn't happen when we couldn't find a place that would allow us to spend just one night but lucky for us, a cute B&B had a cancellation!

And since The Sound of Music is obviously the best musical of all time (says moi), this German-inspired town reminded me of how cool the von Trapp family was and how I wish I could create my own little von Trapp family of singers.

Our room at the B&B:

No TV but so glad we brought the laptop!

The cozy library in the house:

The owner made us hot chocolate while we rested before dinner.

Our room had its own entrance and porch.

This was the awesome breakfast portion of our first B&B experience.

Dinner at Cafe Mozart, a restaurant that serves German fare.

Veal schnitzel w/ spaetzle (egg noodle):

Roast duck (I'm pretty sure the only German part about this dish was the pickled red cabbage):

Captured what was left of this AMAZING jalapeno & cheddar bratwurst with fresh apple cider sauerkraut. We regretted ordering only one to share.

Monday, January 11, 2010

my of-the-minute craving

I realllllllllllly want a tuna melt right now. I've been craving it ever since I was told I couldn't have it. Is tuna really that bad during pregnancy? To my mommy friends, please tell me I can have one.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I got caught...

Speaking of the baby kicking, Jon caught me giving a dirty look when our girl was mid-kick...

Whoa, the belly is way large on camera.

A happier me after food intake...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Just a few weeks ago, maybe between week 28 and 33, I couldn't get enough of the baby's movements. It was sweet and truly magical to feel her tumble gently inside. But with 6 more weeks to go, she is running out of room in there and she thinks my body will adjust to her rapid growth. Unfortunately for me, nothing of that sort is happening. It is starting to hurt. I try to push back on the part of my stomach where she kicks so that it trains her to stop but Jon thinks it's cruel. He says she feels my anger. Bah!