Saturday, November 13, 2010

9 months and counting

Violet had some firsts right when she hit 9 months old a few days ago. She crawled forward 2 steps and stood up on those delicious chubby legs. Then she tumbled. Nothing excites me more these days than seeing major and minor motor skill development in my child. I'm guessing the enjoyment of such things is the result of being a first-time parent. When there's a piece of cereal stuck to her lip, she can feel it's not IN her mouth so she uses the back of her hand to push it in. I have no doubt every kid does something like this, but to me, it is 100x cuter when Violet's chubby little fingers are involved.

She has also decided to scream MA-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA at home and in public. I see the frustration in her face (see picture) as she tries to convey what she wants using the same word over and over again. It's a tough road ahead, kid.

Maybe she's just constipated. I don't know...

She is also grabbing at other kids a lot. One of the moms in my group called her "dexterous." That's a very sweet way of putting it.

On a positive growth note, she is a loving child who really shows her appreciation for my presence. When I leave the room and come back, she greets me with the biggest smile. Jon says when he brings her down to the living room, she looks up towards the stairs from time to time looking for me. These are the things that make me utterly attached to her. I am thankful for this healthy girl.